Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday March 17, 2015 Psalm 147:10-11

He takes no pleasure in the strength of a horse or in human might. No, the LORD’s delight is in those who fear him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love. (Psalms 147:10-11 NLT)
I love this verse because it reminds me that We don't need to be perfect or powerful to be  good, fruitful followers of Jesus. God's love for us is not based on how well we perform nor how much we accomplish. Rather, His delight is in our submission to Him and our willingness to acknowledge our total dependence on Him. Simply by accepting his love, we bring Him joy.
Our response to that love, of course, is to love and serve others, but at the core of our Christian walk, is our love relationship with the God who made us and sent His only Son to redeem us and draw us to Himself. May we never lose track of that blessed assurance.
Prayer for today: God of all love, we come praising You and thanking You that Your love for us is truly unconditional. Keep us ever mindful that Your delight is in our relationship with You not in what we do or accomplish. Help us to love others by that same model. We ask in the name of the one who gave everything out of His love for us, Jesus. AMEN
Confession for today: I confess that I am beloved of God. I am completely and utterly dependent on Him. I am His child and He delights in me. I declare this by faith in Jesus. AMEN!

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Anonymous said...

How marvelous it is we thrive on love alone. This is the one thing that sustains us--and when we do not have it, well, we know it, and so do others in our lives.

-Tim Getz