Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday April 4, 2014 Matthew 6:19-21

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

This passage immediately brought me back to a truth that the Lord showed me several years ago.  We are part of a royal priesthood, and priests of the Lord.  One of the responsibilities priests had in the old testament was to place a value on what was brought to the temple, in offering.  As priests in God’s kingdom today, and His channel of love and truth to the world, each of us has the ability - and responsibility - to assign value to things.  We have responsibility to place high value on eternal things (mercy, justice, forgiveness, surrender, love, compassion) – and low value on worldly things (accumulating wealth, material possessions, status, title, reputation).  When we as priests assign high value to worldly things, we abdicate this very important role of reminding our own hearts of what matters to God. When we have things in their proper place – i.e. how God values them – we are a witness to our own family and our communities.  We are also then at peace in our own heart and soul– how many of us have experienced anxiety or lack of hope, only to realize that we have been caught up in the values of the world, instead of focusing on spiritual living.  In this passage, Matthew encourages us to gather, heap and store up – living from day to day in ways that increase our ability to focus on Kingdom principles and values.  Interestingly, the “thieves” in these verses are translated from the Greek to mean “embezzler, or pilferer”, and it was a name used for false teachers.  God is admonishing us to be aware of how easily our minds can be “instructed” by worldly influences – and before you know it, these “false teachers” have stolen the nourishment and refreshing of our souls.  Laying up – valuing – what God says is of eternal value is firstly an act of the mind.  In obedience, often in the face of opposition of what the world says is the right way, we choose to value things like the beatitudes – poverty of spirit, purity of heart, meekness, and the others – even when this goes contrary to our emotions, or what we would like to do. It is first an act of the mind, but God promises us that as we lay up this treasures in heaven, our hearts will follow.  The heart is defined in this passage as the centre of all physical and spiritual life; the understanding, will and character, and the inmost part of everything. That is very good news.  Dear fellow priest, what will we place value on today?
--Angie Kays-Burden


Tracy said...

This is going to sound really childish but when I read these verses I always picture a place in heaven where every good thing we do adds something beautiful that will be waiting for us when we get there. And I picture arriving at the pearly gates and Jesus leading me to my own private treasure trove ( hopefully) and saying "well done good and faithful servant." (Well those are the words I long to hear from Him) Then in the next scene I'm reunited with all my dear departed ones who get to share in the bounty with me as I share theirs all in the glorious presence of the triune God and all those bazillions of angels saying Holy holy holy. Not so theologically sound I'm sure but it's just the picture I see when I read this.

Henry McCarter said...

I see our treasures in heaven coming not from piles of accumulated material goods, but rather from our spiritual goods, our kindly interactions with all of God's children here on earth.

In Mozambique, you can travel through the bush, finding abandoned Portuguese owned villas from before independence. Everything is rotted and decaying from the combined effects of the tropical flora and fauna, exacerbated by torrential monsoon rains.

Human relationships will build up the body of Christ, unlimited by divide between living and heaven

Gadi Smith said...

This passage puts into perspective what is most important in our Spiritual journey. Worldly possessions are just that, turn into dust and have no meanful worth. Our life as we follow our Father's teachings are the only possessions we need to accumulate. I pray Father for a humble spirit.

Kim Paras said...

Tracy, I, too, imagine heaven as a place where I will be reunited with departed loved ones. I especially think of my dad, who died in 2006. I regret that I did not spend more time with him when I was younger, particularly when I was a teenager who "knew it all." In heaven, I would love to have all the time in the world -- an "eternity" to sit with him and listen to what he has to say and tell him again and again that I love him. For me, that would be "treasures in heaven." Who knows what heaven will be like. It is certainly beyond our mere mortal understanding.

Kathy Carpentier said...

I think of pure and holy love of Christ overflowing in Heaven. I think of myself being overwhelmed and in absolute awe by the presence of His awesome Glory. What will I do in His presence, but to kneel down at His feet and bow down on the golden ground. I imagine singing and dancing with fullness of joy and complete happiness with my beloved ones whom love the Lord and shared Jesus with me in this world. I will miss nothing from this world...I will feel so satisfied in His presence that I will remember no more pain, sufferings, tears and fears. Everything I am and have is nothing compared to the Light that will shines the Heaven. The knowledge of knowing Jesus makes one more and more humble, but not weaker. He gives us the Heavenly understanding, discernment and strength. And whilst the trials are the times that the matured faith will show itself to confirm our sanctification and growth toward growing more and more like Jesus. But He is faithful and sovereign. After all, He is the one who bore our sin and its penalty so we can be free in Jesus. He is still the One who carries us in our weaknesses as we take refuge in Him. He restores our sight to see Jesus so we can focus on Him.

I have nothing to show for in this world. But I pray that God melt me and mold me and to use me for whatever He wishes and desires.
I yearn for that day when Jesus returns as He promised. I share with my children how wonderful it will be when we are caught up in the clouds upon His return...and how important it is to put our trust in Him. I remind myself and my children that we will have such eternal wealth that God will grant us in Heaven that cannot compare with earthly things. No reputation, no recognition, no plaque or award received in earth will show up in Heaven. Holy Spirit is our teacher and will lead us to His righteousness for His Name sake in this world for His chosen and royal priests. How honored are we to be called His heirs and His children and friends! Being with Jesus Christ will be my reward and I will not be interested about pleasing people or concerned what slanders are coming my way. And being with Him is enough for me to consider the things in this world a rubbish. Where will my heart long after now and forward? In Heaven. I do not deserve to be there, but by the blood of Jesus, His sanctification through the Word, by His mercy and grace...when he receives me with open arms and when I get to hug Him, and say, "I love you, and Thank you for saving me!" I will probably be in such awe that I can only sing Holy Holy Holy with all the saints and angels, but I really want to hug him! So on top of the mountain, I want to cry out, "In Jesus is my only hope of Glory in eternity!"