Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday November 27 WELCOME! Happy New Year!

The season marked by the four Sundays before Christmas is known as Advent. Advent is the beginning of the Christian new year. It is so fitting that our Christian year begins with Advent. Just as the secular world marks the passing of another year by looking back at what has come and making plans for what the future will bring, so we, as followers of Christ, begin our year by looking back in time remembering the birth of Jesus, while keeping watch for His promised return. Advent has often been a season rushed through on the way to Christmas, that glorious celebration of the birth of our Lord. This year, before we fix our eyes on the star that marks His incarnation among us, let us look with anticipation and yearning for the clouds on which He will return to make all things new.

To help with Pastor Jen's challenge to look at our Bible as much as we look at our email or Facebook, we will include a scripture passage each day, followed by a devotional reading and a prayer. Would you consider taking a moment to introduce yourself in the comments section and tell us where you are from and perhaps share what bings you here? Blessings to all in this season of preparation!

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Debbie Blake said...

Oh my goodness this verse should be displayed throughout all elections. How painful on all sides to listen to the horrid words that were spoken and the chaos that followed.

On a more personal note, I too have been guilty of saying some not so nice things and I have been the receiver of some not so nice gossip. The older I get the more mindful I try to be with my words. It is always better to be kind.