Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An introduction

The passage known as the Sermon on the Mount contains some of the most well known of Jesus' teachings including the beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer. WHile there is no way to prove it, some scholars believe this was Jesus' "go to" sermon, based on it's content which can be summed up as instruction for living in a way that is pleasing to God. For this Lenten study we will be dividing this beloved portion of scripture into 32 passages. Each weekday we will be taking a portion to focus on. Saturdays and Sundays we won't open anything new but rather use those as catch up days, or days for deeper reflection.  Please consider starting your study time with a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide and instruct you and reveal a nugget of truth to you from that day's passage.  Read the scripture passage and reflection.  Some questions to think about would be: What do you observe? What spoke to you from this passage? What do you think it means for us today? How can this apply to my life? Then, if you are inclined to share (please do!) join in the conversation by leaving a comment.  This blog is "private" meaning it is only open (and visible) to those in our group. BUT all are welcome. Some of us have invited far-flung family and long-lost friends so please feel free to do the same. You just need to send their emails to so I can send an invite from the blog. 
May God bless our time "together".

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